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A&E Agency was created due to a rising need in the market for marketing strategies based on  transparent work and focused on client satisfaction. After analyzing the market and realizing that a lot of the marketing companies out there forced clients into long-term contracts, we decided to use our own expertise and create our own agency that does not force clients into a long-term commitment. We strive to win our client’s businesses month after month. The biggest commitment we ask is for 3 month contracts when developing Pay Per Click campaigns due to the nature of the business and the high initial development costs on our end.

Our vision is to help small to medium businesses get their foot in the market, by providing them with the best up to date marketing strategies that offer an ROI with the least amount of investment required. We are sensitive to the financial challenges faced by new businesses and want to minimize fees to the extent possible within the scope of our projects.

Eduardo Mora

Founder & Digital Marketing Strategist

Eduardo discovered his passion for Digital Marketing while establishing his first company, as startup accelerator. His vision was to help entrepreneurs establish their businessess in a cost effective manner. While working on the business he realized his true calling was digital marketing manager of a law firm where he worked for three years.

Ariana Melendez

Founder, Lead Designer

Ariana Melendez Djoumblat is a recent University of Miami Graduate from School of Architecture. During her education her designs focused on making people easily understand the complex ideas behind an architect’s mind through infographics and innovative design presentation, winning several honorable mentions. Becoming a strong architect while leading young entrepreneurs as herself to think outside the box.

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